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Antigenic Shift

How open-minded are YOU?

Some painters paint in a way that makes you wonder what it would be like to see the real world out of their eyes. Jacek Yerka is one of them. Check out more.
Painting by Jacke Yerka

It’s been a while (three months actually) but whatever, this is my blog – I do what I want!
I thought I’d revive my blog with a cheesy collection of Photoshopped animals; check it out!

A nice vintage animation about waking up to reality.

Well not exactly smarter, but they do (according to this short video) seem to have a better short term memory!

The greatest voice in the world in no more. You might not know, but if you watch even an occasional movie, you will definitely have heard Don LaFontaine‘s voice. He died September 1st. From now on, movies will sound less impressive.

If this doesn’t make you happy, I just don’t know what will…

Yes, you read that correctly. And it’s not a 3D-animation, but a real amphibious robotic device, capable of swimming very controlled like a real snake.

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Hi there! If you're into technology, art and all things in between and loosely related to them (and occasionally not at all), you might enjoy this blog.

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