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My god, this is totally awesome! These guys built a pretty big robot controlled by the Wiimote, to play tennis en slash with a sword.

It’s interesting to note that the signal from the Wiimote can be used easily by other hardware. Perhaps this is also part of Nintendo’s strategy.

Darwiin Remote is a little application that enables you to catch the Wiimote signal on a Mac and even use it as an alternative to the remote you got with the Mac. Strangely, the Wiimote is made of the identical same type of plastic as the white Mac accessoiries, like the remote and the adapter.

Painters will tell you there’s a huge amount of diffent colours of white. Coincidence?

This is a very interesting site, where you navigate by not clicking anything. You will still have to click here (how 20th century – yikes), sorry.

I think the standard now, a mouse with which you click, should totally be abandoned. Just because the mouse was one of the first easy to use navigational tools around, doesn’t mean it’s the best.

In this world that’s getting more complicated by the post, sometimes things are intentionally getting simpler, which is nice. It provides us with little moments of tranquility.

There’s this thing I really like about Windows. Notepad gives me 100% flat txt’s. That’s usefull for removing formatting, by copying, pasting in notepad and then copying from Notepad and then pasting again to the application I want to use the unformatted text in. I never really understood why Apple’s standard Textedit displays HTML WYSIWYG. I hate that. Don’t call it Textedit!

WriteRoom, a little Mac application, can create flat txt’s really easily, and what I personally find very nic(h)e, is the fact that you can use it 100% full screen with only text visible, like an old DOS screen. It’s still really easy to switch applications though.

The post I devoted earlier about Apple users advertising for free, is very much clarified by the movie below, an edit of his speeches.

Steve Jobs has this enthusiasm that can make him sell a cow for a horse (old Dutch saying ;-). He isn’t in the least doubting what he’s promoting, and he keeps repeating and repeating the same mantra’s over and over again. What’s really smart about this, is that Apple users and the media start repeating these mantra’s. If Steve Jobs says over and over that the iPhone is amazing, then the word amazing is repeated the next day on blogs and in articles. The guy that tells you this is a living legend, looking very young and healthy at the age of 51, and he’s telling us all these things from the bottom of his heart, or so it seems thereby hypnotizing his viewers.

Should see this!

A free associative adventure, that somehow makes sense, in a way…

HD-DVD hasn’t fully hit the market yet, but a hacker has already managed to rip an HDDVD, The news here is that the first HD-DVD movie (Serenity) is circulating the web in HH-DVD quality. Muslix64 has written a little tool to ‘backup’ you HD-DVD’s, called BackupHDDVD.

I think it will never be possible to show something while trying to keep it to yourself. I don’t like the fact that movie makers and songwriters are hit by copying. On the other hand, is a Christina Aguilera (to name a 100% random artist) CD really worth €30,- or more? How much did it cost to record, market and distribute? And what is the difference? And where does all that money go? Does it go to Chistina Aguilera?

There are alternatives to both ripping and buying: free music. You’ll have to skim a bit to find the pearls, but it’s totally free:

Take this little piece of advise: get democracy!

No I don’t mean overthrow your corrupt government (although if it is, that probably be a good idea, but don’t try it alone). I mean get this really good vidcast reader if you like to watch animation, short independant movies and a whole load of crap that eats up your time, but is fun anyways.

Internet TV

To the Windows users under us: it looks pretty ‘Maccy’. If that’s not a problem (I never used iTunes on Windows myself for this reason, and because Winamp is so much better) than you’ve got one hell of a nice timeshredder.

I especially and foremost recommend subscribing to Channel Frederator which I believe is a default channel in Democracy, by the makers of a whole bunch of Nickelodeon cartoons like The Fairly OddParents, ChalkZone, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Cow and Chicken, The PowerPuff Girls, and many, many more.

Get democracy now.
Available on, Mac, Windows and Linux!

What happens to people with too much time on their hands and some skills? They start making things that are really quit useless, like statues of dead statesmen, religions and blogs.

For example, what is the very purpose of the video below? Is it the product of not enough sex and too much gaming?

Even worse, who has the time and takes the effort to create a Flash file that enables the Wii-less to create their own Mii’s? Where does such an idea come from, and why in the name of The Lord would you actually take that idea to reality? I’ve contacted the creator of the Flash file, so I should be getting some answers 😉

One really amazing animation, totally hand painted.

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