Dammit, I just bought me a MacBook Pro and now a touchscreen computer with Mac OS X will be launched in about three days, by Other World Computing and Axiotron. I really love it already – a lot. It must be the first piece of hardware to run Mac OS X that wasn’t created by Apple itself.

Apple ModbookTouch screen laptops existed for a few years, but somehow never managed to become big. This new apparatus might change this. The Modbook has no keyboard, but it’s got a DVD burner and an iSight camera built in. It factually is a rigourously modified MacBook Pro.

This is one more example of Apple’s new strategy: it wants to become more and more mainstream, and a serious competitor to Windows. I think it won’t take years before Apple will decide to make its OS independant from its hardware and let others be innovative too with its system. Och, in the end it’s just business. What makes more money: selling a few expensive niche computers to a hapy few or sell a few slightly expensive systems to the millions?

What really strikes me each time and again, is the long term vision of Apple. Like, the way how its OS gradually expands. All the features that are added each time a new OS version comes out, have been planned many years ago. Did you know that Steve Jobs has been working on a predecessor of OS X since 1984? The systems roots are much older than most people know.

Slightly off-topic but still Apple related: there’s more and more rumor that Apple will introduce its own Phone somewhere this year. This would just be a natural move by Apple. Totally smooth Mail, iCal and Address Book integration with a phone would to me be a definite reason to reach deep into my pockets. iSync with my Treo doesn’t work very well and Palm Desktop for Mac isn’t very well put together.

I’m such an materialist. What must become of this little green planet with people like me on it? Oh well, I don’t drive a car and have no desire to ever get my drivers license. Does that make me a bit of a better person?