A while back, Sony’s toy robot dog AIBO was laid to rest six feet below. Its successor Qrio walks on two feet. Besides that, it scans its surroundings in many ways and corrects for example a steep object it ‘wants’ to walk up to. What’s really amazing is the fact that its gravitational center is dynamic; it moves. This means it is highly responsive to changes in the surface it is walking on.

Really creepy is the fact that this thing supposedly can remember your face and voice, and will even understand certain words and talk back! Wonder how well that’ll work.

With its two eyes, it can estimate distance. It’s got WiFi and minute moving parts in its fingers. If it falls, it doesn’t lay dead like a stupid toy, it gets up!

In my opinion though, its not a cute as AIBO. It looks a bit like you can’t get a hold of its intentions.