I love fora. When I’ve fixed something through an advice received by a forum, or I’ve helped someone out in New Zealand, I really feel like a world citizen. But fora differ tremendously.

However: fora are slow, but are of high quality. Some fora are gigantic, but the moderation can be really poor. On some fora, it’s just a clash of the egos with a bit of knowledge sharing in between.

One really exceptional forum is CGtalk. Its massive, and the best of the best CG artists ‘hang around’ here. Off course the ‘search before you post’ rule applies also here, but my experience is that people are generally really friendly and quick to respond in a courteous and precise manner.

Other nice 3D fora:
3D buzz / 3D Total / Learning Maya

Mograph is very good motion graphics (hence the name) / compositing forum, although you’re wise to not ask questions that are (possibly considered) too dumb.