Have you ever been on a Japanese site and you really wondered what it said?

No? Stop reading.
Yes? Keep reading.

Through Google Language Tools, you can read Japanese! You can translate from many languages to many others including Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian. You can’t translate from any language to another, but if you understand English (which you do, unless you’re reading this blog through Google translate and if you do, please comment through Google Translate, which you might, if Google Translate could ever make anything usefull of this sentence in any language, which I quite confidently doubt 😉 you’re pretty well served.

More importantly: you can translate HTML webpages to a language of your choice. The technology is still quite crude, but it works usually to make up the basic meaning of a tekst to quite some extend.

Pour nos lecteurs français : clic ici
Per i nostri lettori italiani: scattar qui
Für unsere deutschen Leser: hier klicken
Para nuestros lectores españoles: chascar aquí

Me so feel like such a really genius!