There’s something new on the horizon in the world of image display: SED. SED stands for surface-conduction electron-emitter display. Why would we want that? Well, here’s why:

– 100.000 : 1 contrast ratio (who needs reality?)
– 1 millisecond s response time (gamers heaven)
– Brightness of 450 cd/m2
– 180 degree viewing angle (yes, that’s absolute)

Compare this to the best monitors of Apple and Dell,
the Apple 30″ Cinema display and the Dell Ultrasharp 3007WFP:

– 700:1 contrast ratio (this is especially an enormous difference)
– 14 millisecond response time
– Brightness of 400 cd/m2
– 178° degree viewing angle

Especially the contrast ratio is ridiculous with SED, and will feel extremely life-like. This technology will be launched by Toshiba and Canon at the end of this year, in conjunction with Nano Propietary.

Hm, should I go on a holiday to New-Zealand,
or save up for one of these?