I mean 3D animated animals. But I don’t hate Bambi or Godzilla. I hate the current hype in the 3D movie industry where everybody is making animal movies, the last one being Surf’s Up, the trailer looking exactly like Happy Feet; it’s totally shameless copying! We’ve had In the Wild, Madagascar, Happy Feet, etcetera, and I haven’t remembered their titles because they’re so colourless, there are so many of these movies … with astronomical budgets too; what a bloody waste!

Why?!? There’s this world full of loads of things (ok, including animals) to animate. Why not make an animated movie about paperclips? Or trees? Or some totally avant-garde looking sci-fi? Or about jazz singers? Or bank robbers? Or whatever else, just click the random button in Wikipedia and chances are you could make an animation about whatever comes up (with a little imagination). Don’t get me wrong; I’m not anti-animals. I’m anti-copycats (please note there’s an animal in copy cats).

Why does it always have to be about funny animals on a quest lately? Why not make an animated movie for adults? Why don’t the big studios try to research totally outrageous graphical styles? If anything is possible, why copy one another? Why don’t the studios have more balls, to make some movies that might be for a smaller audience, but are remembered and referenced years later? Yeah I know … money.

In my opinion, Tim Burton is one of the few directors that knows how to really make something different, in style, as well as story. But nobody can tell me there aren’t more people out there with a better sense of style and story telling. Let’s hope these people get their chances too some day.