HD-DVD hasn’t fully hit the market yet, but a hacker has already managed to rip an HDDVD, The news here is that the first HD-DVD movie (Serenity) is circulating the web in HH-DVD quality. Muslix64 has written a little tool to ‘backup’ you HD-DVD’s, called BackupHDDVD.

I think it will never be possible to show something while trying to keep it to yourself. I don’t like the fact that movie makers and songwriters are hit by copying. On the other hand, is a Christina Aguilera (to name a 100% random artist) CD really worth €30,- or more? How much did it cost to record, market and distribute? And what is the difference? And where does all that money go? Does it go to Chistina Aguilera?

There are alternatives to both ripping and buying: free music. You’ll have to skim a bit to find the pearls, but it’s totally free: