In this world that’s getting more complicated by the post, sometimes things are intentionally getting simpler, which is nice. It provides us with little moments of tranquility.

There’s this thing I really like about Windows. Notepad gives me 100% flat txt’s. That’s usefull for removing formatting, by copying, pasting in notepad and then copying from Notepad and then pasting again to the application I want to use the unformatted text in. I never really understood why Apple’s standard Textedit displays HTML WYSIWYG. I hate that. Don’t call it Textedit!

WriteRoom, a little Mac application, can create flat txt’s really easily, and what I personally find very nic(h)e, is the fact that you can use it 100% full screen with only text visible, like an old DOS screen. It’s still really easy to switch applications though.