Let’s look forward to the day the mouse dies. The computer mouse is an ancient piece of hardware, a cliché that just isn’t going away, whether it’s a balled or a lasered one, mouse; just die, you’ve had your time. Like the Reactable interface, this is another example of the way we’re going to interact in the future with our systems. It’s fun, it’s direct, it’s all that I would want. I’d love to Photoshop like this, standing up and waving with my arms, like the great painters of the world…

You can see a higher quality version here.

Read background information here > please read this article about Jeff Han, it’s mind-boggling! I find it very sad though that a genius like this man is, is working for the military. Einstein said that he strongly regretted having had a part in the A-bomb. Doesn’t practical genius mean a responsibility to the world?