The internet has really changed our look at the world. Because of Net Neutrality (pdf), all sites on the net and therefore all information on the net is treated equally. My little brother’s website has the same privileges as the one of Halliburton. That’s a good thing. It means we can find what we find important, not what others think is important for us, like TV. It means that we feel more connected to the world. It also means that we’re more aware of things that are going on on this little planet.

Large US based internet providers are now working hard to end Net Neutrality. That means that they get the right to control the speed with which info is sent from one computer to the other. It could even mean in the long run, that some sites will not be accessible at all anymore, if the ‘big guys’ decide so. Large companies will be able to pay more, small companies, organizations and individuals will not be able to keep they’re site up to speed. Even worse, free media collectives like Indymedia will face a very serious threat of being simply blocked. Sounds like Chinese practises to me. This is outrageously undemocratic.

Save the Net Now

Please check out this site for more information. Please note that decisions taken in the US will affect the whole world, since the US has tremendous control over the internet already. This is already illustrated by the ICANN.