Imagine your partner dies in the middle of the night of heart failure. Imagine that after this, you’re arrested by a heavily armed FBI squad. Imagine then facing a possible 20 years of jail for charges of wire and mail fraud, although no evidence exists.

This happened to Steve Kurtz, a professor of Art. He makes art of his own. Critical art. Critical art that makes some influential people feel uneasy about what they’re doing. Kurtz’s art is supported with thorough research. His research equipment made the ambulance people suspect that they had to do with a bioterrorist. Therefore he got arested and he still hasn’t gotten his tuff back, including his cat. Stories like these make me feel sick.

I do not believe in terorism. Terrorism exists because we give it so much attention. It exists for the leaders of the western world to use as an excuse to do many horrendous things to people around the world. If we look at the damage of terrorism, how does this compare to the damage of all of the wars the US has been involved in continuously throughout its history? Even though 9/11 was absolutely an awfull disaster, costing about 9000 lives, the damage doesn’t add up to the estimated 60,000 civilians that died in Iraq alone. The only difference is, 9/11 happened in bright daylight, in full camera view, in the heart of one of the major cities of America, hurting fine citizens. It was a media spectacle.

I do absolutely not support any acts of terrorism. However, I think it is an inevitable reaction to the actions of the Western World. We’re treating the rest of the world badly. There’s simply no balance.

One thing I’ve never understood is this: why can America tell other countries, like North Korea, that it’s irresponsible for them to have the Nucleur Bomb? If I’m not mistaken, there’s only one country in the world that has ever actually used the Nuclear Bomb for real.

The US of A.