Once upon a time, up until about 500 years ago, some princesses were equipped with chastity belts. Perhaps, the chastity belt is coming back! In conservative Christian circles in the United States, the so-called “Purity Balls” are becoming quite the new thing. It’s a sort of party, where daughters promise their daddy’s they won’t have sex before marriage. About sex before marriage and all we can have a long discussion. I guess that’s a personal choice.

But what choice can a 9 year old girl make about her sexuality? Off course she looks forward to the party. She’ll feel like a little princess, but has she got any notion of what the hell is really going on?

Supposedly, the Purity Balls are growing in numbers very rapidly. Is America becoming fundamentalistic?

Check out this post on Yahoo News.

EDIT: “One study conducted by researchers at the universities of Columbia and Yale found that 88 percent of pledgers wind up having sex before marriage.”