At Digg, a little internet revolution has happened. An important HD-DVD encryption key has been published on the net by the AACS (Advanced Access Content System) a couple of days ago by mistake.

At Digg, somebody posted the key, and got his account shut down for it, because of copyright infringement: the ‘owners’ of the key state that the particular number/letter string is their intellectual property. The Digg community didn’t agree, and started posting the key numerous times at Digg. Sice then, the web is saturated by this controversial number.

Digg has surrendered, and will take full responsibility for the possible effects of this. In this very good post, Digg’s founder Kevin Rose states: “If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying.” Good move.

I must admit I really wouldn’t know what the hell to do with this HD-DVD key.