Compare humans to cells. Compare highways to bloodvessels. Compare data-cables to a nervous system, and the internet to our collective memory. Try to imagine mankind organizing itself as one organism. This is not the Matrix, or even the future. This is real, right now.

Many people aren’t fully aware of this yet, but in the past year or two, the internet has changed dramatically, again. Data is now, through initiatives like and Digg clustering together in more organic ways. Information is shared more real-time and open than ever before, and faster than the established media will ever be able to compete with.

Let me show you an example of what the internet is becoming. I stumbled upon this today: ‘the Arc’, at Digg Labs. Now if you first look at it you might think: “so?”. Well, this is a direct view into the current interests of a very substantial part of people online, in real-time. This is one of the synapses that are currently evolving on the web, where data is processed organically, unmoderated. One person posts a story at Digg, another might Digg this story too, and another. In a matter of minutes, a certain popular site can become totally flooded with visitors. And there are three other visual data tools also, called Stack, Swarm and Bigspy. Check them out.

Don’t you adore the visual representation of this otherwise numeric/textual data? Initiatives like these really blow a soul into the internet, make it feel like a lively place, where things influence one another in dramatic, massive, and ever surprising ways. Sometimes I wonder if the ‘old world’ of hierarchy and order has even the faintest idea that the very concept of power and the ownership of intellectual property is changing for ever, and there is no way back.

However, as with all change, it is neither good or bad by definition. It’s just change.

Everything and everybody is growing together. We’re becoming more connected to the world and our IQ’s are going up, but we’re more naked than before, and our safety is threatened in ways nobody could have even imagined a few years back, and I’m not speaking of terrorism. Bad things are more organised, but so are the good initiatives. We are aware on a much larger scale. We become angry together, at dumb people starting dumb wars for dumb reasons, for all the world to see in broad daylight. We also appreciate more together, for instance art that is not recognized by the established art clique, because it’s not from an established artist. We see a work of creation and we like it or not. In a way, we’re becoming more shallow and general, but on the other hand we’re collectively becoming much more aware of what’s outside the box. We have more potential to grow, but also to suffocate. We share it all easily and freely, and very actively; together!

Don’t you love the world and time we live in?
Great things are coming our way.
Both good and bad.
Fasten your seatbelts.
It’s going to be rough…