Let me make it clear to you that I’m not a supporter of terrorism. But also, let me make it clear to you that I believe there are always two (or more) sides to every story. People that consider themselves smart, should always actively investigate the numerous facets of the information on which they base their opinions. What happened on 9/11 is really awfull and I do not wish to dispute that in least, or say that the people in the twin towers deserved their deaths, they clearly didn’t.

However, the US’s hands are not clean. The twin towers weren’t destroyed without a serious cause. Just by objectively comparing the plain facts, 9/11 is a minor scratch compared to the gaping wounds the US’s foreign ‘policy’ has caused around the world, before and during the Bush administration. The only difference is, 9/11 was a very spectacular media-spectacle. In broad daylight, in full camera view, the two greatest phallic symbols of American glory were simply cut off. America has felt castrated ever since, and has reacted accordingly. Yes, it was pure horror. A black day in the history of the world.

Now I want you to read this letter by Osama Bin Laden. I ask you to really try to understand what he’s saying. His message is partly religiously motivated,
but partly quite reasonable. It shows a glimpse of the other side of the story, a insight into the motivation of ‘the others’. What makes Osama so much different from white leaders giving orders of destruction and international intervention? Is terrorism an inferior type of warfare? It sure hasn’t by far caused as much damage as ‘conventional’ warfare has.

Who holds a claim to the truth?
What do you base your opinions on?
Why can’t we all just get along?