HD streaming video has come to the web a lot sooner than probably most people could have ever imagined. The DIVX web player is gaining grounds very, very fast over Flash video, and for good reasons. It can stream video at a quality far superior to youtube’s video quality. Oddly, it streams at the same speed, and faster! Since DIVX’s new web player, standard PAL or NTSC TV technology really has fallen behind. The DIVX technology is simply of higher quality, when we’re speaking HD material.

Don’t believe it? Check out Stage 6, DIVX’s online video database. If you think your computer and internet connection are up to it, install the DIVX player NOW, and indulge yourself into a brand new world of online high quality online content.

Could it be that we will never need to rent an HD cable connection? Will soon a good internet connection be sufficient to fill our HDTV’s with browsable content? Will this mean the beginning of the end of controlled television stations?

When you’ve installed the player, here are some HD Tips: Starcraft 2 cinematic trailer, Cryengine demos and BBC’s Planet Earth.