(this post is dedicated to my friend Jeff, but usefull for any Mac user)

If you’re a Mac user, there are a few programs that really make your Mac an even greater joy. Here we go.

Quicksilver is just completely awesome and, as of yet, for free! It is kind of a command shell, but be not afraid: it’s a command shell for ‘normal’ people, not (just) for nerds. Quicksilver really is the application that’s missing in OS X. With this program, you almost just make happen what you think about. Of all the Mac apps in the world, this one could be the most important one you’ll ever use. Try it, give it half a day, and after that, you’ll really miss it on computers that don’t have it.

Writeroom is a very nice and simple text editor. There are a lot of text editors out there, but this one takes charge of your whole screen, so it looks like you’re typing into a text based OS. It’s interface is highly customizable so if you want to type pink Comic Sans letters on a turquoise half-transparent background, nobody will stop you. Distraction free writing, great for setting up plain text documents. It’s not completely free (click-away-pop-up) but fully functional anyways.

Neo Office really makes paying for a ‘professional’ text editor quite unnecessary. The functions seem to be much more logically placed and grouped than in Microsoft Word, where you never know where an option might be, unless you know the program though and through. Neo Office is the native Mac version of OpenOffice.org, that recently only was available through the emulator X11. Also works fine, but native feels more …. well, native. Free program.

Appzapper fixes bit of an incomplete in your OS X. When you delete a program from your applications folder on the Mac, usually many files remain on your disk. Appzapper makes sure all files are deleted. Five time use only, unfortunately. Tip: if you throw an application in your zap window, it displays all the files associated with the app. You can click the little magnifier button for each file and delete them by hand. Same result, but for free.

Adium is a replacement for MSN messenger. Why use a replacement? Well, you’ve got a few option that Messenger doesn’t offer, like the way you can customize your contact list (floating above everything, transparancy, colours, etcetera). Also, you can connect to most messenger servers other than MSN’s.


You probably know Google Earth and if you don’t: GET ACQUAINTED! Celestia is less known, but also a great app. What is it? Well, kind of like a Google Universe. It enables you to zoom out of our solar system, our galaxy, and very far into deep space and check out other galaxies in your lunch break.


Browser Firefox and bookmark site & plugin del.icio.us are a dream team. It takes a bit of time to understand why it’s so great, but once you realize the info-power it means, you’ll never go back. Also, check out the post ‘3 digital highway speeding tips’ on this blog. It’s all about Firefox and Delicious.