When gaming becomes useful! Hate to advertise for free, but this could become a great way of gaming. Is Nintendo going to empty our wallets through more and more cool peripherals? Imagine having to run through a game like this. Imagine snowboarding or surfboarding with this thing. Seems as though Nintendo has found itself another hit. I’m in.

Within Nintendo’s new strategy, aiming at ‘everybody’ of all ages, I
believe it fits really well. In some odd way, this new peripheral seems
somewhat familiar. Many people would like to do some excercise, but
don’t want to go out and make fools out of themselves in the gym. Or
people find it hard to motivate themselves to do some sports.

This thing solves these problems: a personal training program where
progress can be monitored well, in the comfort of your own home, mixed
with a bit of gaming fun. I believe it is what I want for the Wii, and
gaming in general. There will of course also be a huge group of gamers
this thing isn’t made for. That the beauty of the Wii strategy I
believe: it has a little something for everybody 😉