Really: Fuck the iPhone! Apple is great. Got two of them myself. The iPhone is great too, I’m sure. I never held one, but I just assume it’s very nice. Whatever. I do not really get a chance to form an individual opinion on it, do I? The past half year, the internet seems to have become the place to massively worship this brick of chips, that in a few years will be old crap sold second hand for a few bucks, because there are devices far, far better. This by now extremely annoying brandname and the stupid pictures of the thing, seem to haunt the online world like a nagging, stinking, screaming demon that just cannot be smoked away. This is just completely out-of-control marketing evangelism by Apple. You will never again read anything on this blog about the thing ever again. Fuck the iPhone!

Here it comes: the picture below of an Apple display that ‘went bad’ is so cool! Take that, Apple! Makes me almost … almost feel nostalgic about that good old OS from Redmont. But not quite 😉