Isn’t the internet great? A free, practically infinite source of information that’s getting better searchable every day, and much, much more. But our newly acquired technology has also made whole new types of craziness possible. Below are two recent internet (anti-)’heroes’ that can quite easily be referred to as ‘internet side effects’. Chances are pretty big that you’ve already seen them before, because they’ve had millions of page views in a very short time. Not because they’re talented. Not because they’re naturally funny. Not because they have something interesting to say. They’ve become popular only because they’re just incredibly weird and shamelessly expressive at the same time.

It works kind of like looking at an accident: it’s awful, disgusting and not something you want to see or need to see to get ahead in life, but it’s something you just have to see and can’t help to keep looking at. Try not to view the videos below. Chances are big you won’t finish them, but chances are also very big that you just can’t help checking it out. This is probably the very main reason you’re going to view the movies (and increase their hits just a bit more) even though I’ve told they’re total crap: curiosity. Come on then, let’s get it over with 😉

Chris Crocker’s video ‘Leave Britney Alone’ has become extremely popular in a very short time. He’s made mny papers and news channels around the world and is at the moment really living his 15 minutes of fame to the fullest.

‘Mr. Pregnant’ in one of his crazy little movies:

Let’s hope these two digital heroes will not start taking themselves too serious, because something tells me their fame can impossibly last.