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Kind of funny, after the last post 😉

The pic below is featured on this mysterious site. Reminds a bit of Banksy. It is really great when artists use their talents not for self-promotion and riches, but for trying to spread some awareness in the world. Artists like this will perhaps one day be known be known as the true artists of this age, the ones that saw that art today should no longer be put on a pedestal for the art elite to chatter about and make deals with. We live in an age of cold awakening, with the possibility to really see what’s going on. But do you want to see?

We are so over flooded with brilliantly created imagery every day, that to stand out with our art nowadays, is very much about being able stop time for a moment, and move the viewer with a thought that confronts him/her almost personally with some very real current issues in the real world. Because we’re so used to seeing people die, through war, floods and starvation, it is a true art to be able to get people have another look at it.

In 1987, Chicago TV channels WGN9 and WTTW-11 were hijacked by this guy wearing a Max Headroom mask. 20 years later, he is still at large. “Remember, Remember the 22nd of November”. Pretty creepy, but let’s put it in the ‘art’ category anyways 😉

A new browser for Wondows, Mac and Linux has surfaced, and it’s really, really good! It’s a derivative of Firefox, so it feels very familiar, (if you’re using Firefox of course) but it is very different at the same time. If you’re into zĂŠ sociale webbe and like to keep track of a hundred thousand things on the web, then you will LOVE Flock very much because of its numerous tools to do just that. Most (so not all) Firefox extensions, plugins and add-ons will workin Flock, like Bookmarks. A very important reason for Mac users is the fact that Flock uses about 1/8 the amount of RAM compared to Firefox (!). Use your old browser to download Flock and give it a go. Please let me know what you think!

[EDIT: a reader of this blog has kindly brought to my attention the fact that I placed this video on the blog, claiming that it was a speech by Naomi KLEIN, while it is in fact by Naomi WOLF. To my embarrassment that is what I actually believed, even after having seen the whole speech. Even though they’re both writers and both try to help us in becoming aware of closely related issues we as humans have to deal with, this was quite a dumb mistake of me for which I humbly ask your forgiveness. I must’ve mixed things up with this post. I solemnly promise to be more careful… ]

Naomi Klein Wolf has written a new book, about 10 steps wannabe dictators use to do away with democracy and install themselves as a substitute for it. Please, especially if you are an American, take 47 minutes and view this video of a speech by Klein Wolf in which she explains why she’s so worried about the way the US is heading. Her speech makes a lot of sense.

Are there no ends to Apple idolization?

Haven’t got it in yet, but got a reservation on this creature made by Unkl at the Tokyo Cube Store. Feel like a kid all over again. Isn’t it beautiful?

Finally the $100.- laptop is here, designed for tough conditions and truly international / intercultural use. Well … the thing costs $200.-, but you should buy two and get one for your own kid. Please join the happiness at the One Laptop per Child initiative and cough up the $400.- for two laptops. Your kid will love it and so will the other kid!

Google, a company you might know, has just released Android, an open source mobile platform. Open Source? Yes, open source. Hackers and other scum can now hack their phones just to their own liking. The video below is a bit crap, but can you imagine the possibilities of an open source mobile platform? Why does Google do this for free? What will be Google’s catch? They’re going TO GIVE AWAY $10.000.000,- for creative applications? Is Google the new Santa Claus?

Away with Symbian and hello to the Open Handset Alliance! Be afraid, you glossy iPhone…

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