And by cheesy I mean cheeee-zeeee! Check it out at Wired!

Perhaps this slideshow at Wired isn’t entirely fair, because we’re so used to high-end graphics now that it’s easy to judge, back in time. When one of the first black and white movies ever, of a train moving towards the screen, were shown to an audience, people were reported terrified of it. Our ability of making a good distinction between the physical world and the fantastic is a lot better today, while images are much more intense now.

Try to imagine what will happen if game consoles are just one or two generations further and our X-HD tv’s display the third dimension … yeah, we’ll get used to it in a minute, even if a monster made up of a zillion polygons growls at us in 7.1 surround sound, with fully AI animated facial expressions. Crap content will not get any better in HD; on the contrary, it will be razor sharp crap.