[EDIT: a reader of this blog has kindly brought to my attention the fact that I placed this video on the blog, claiming that it was a speech by Naomi KLEIN, while it is in fact by Naomi WOLF. To my embarrassment that is what I actually believed, even after having seen the whole speech. Even though they’re both writers and both try to help us in becoming aware of closely related issues we as humans have to deal with, this was quite a dumb mistake of me for which I humbly ask your forgiveness. I must’ve mixed things up with this post. I solemnly promise to be more careful… ]

Naomi Klein Wolf has written a new book, about 10 steps wannabe dictators use to do away with democracy and install themselves as a substitute for it. Please, especially if you are an American, take 47 minutes and view this video of a speech by Klein Wolf in which she explains why she’s so worried about the way the US is heading. Her speech makes a lot of sense.