The pic below is featured on this mysterious site. Reminds a bit of Banksy. It is really great when artists use their talents not for self-promotion and riches, but for trying to spread some awareness in the world. Artists like this will perhaps one day be known be known as the true artists of this age, the ones that saw that art today should no longer be put on a pedestal for the art elite to chatter about and make deals with. We live in an age of cold awakening, with the possibility to really see what’s going on. But do you want to see?

We are so over flooded with brilliantly created imagery every day, that to stand out with our art nowadays, is very much about being able stop time for a moment, and move the viewer with a thought that confronts him/her almost personally with some very real current issues in the real world. Because we’re so used to seeing people die, through war, floods and starvation, it is a true art to be able to get people have another look at it.