OK, it’s one thing to make a car that does less harm to the environment. That’s a good thing, or at least not as bad as an ‘old-fashioned’ petrol car. On the other hand, do car manufacturers really have a choice, with the upcoming worldwide oil shortage? Ford has this new system in some of their cars, called Ford Flexifuel (make sure you can hear the birds whistling), which uses either petrol, bio-ethanol or a mixture of the two. This sounds less bad for the environment. However, bio-ethanol may not be as friendly as it sounds, and is highly criticized for several reasons. It’s still in debate if bio-ethanol is a good thing or not.

Of course it’s easy to criticize a large car company on their first, cautious steps to do their thing for a better world. Let’s be clear about the fact that cleaner cars are of course better than dirty cars, and big companies thinking about this at all is a pretty great thing, to say the least. However, in the commercial below, it seems as though Ford is the company that will save the environment. In reality, it was Ford that invented mass production of cars! Driving a Ford, even a Flexifuel one does not help the environment, even though that would be very nice, if it were true. Unfortunately, we will have to drive less to make a real difference.

Today I went to see Earth in the cinema, and before that film started, the commercial below was shown. In the high quality of the cinema screen it was very touching at first and it seemed to be the beginning of the film. We were all surprised by a Ford logo, claiming to care for baby animals. It was clear that people in the theater were pretty appalled by this commercial in this context, and with good reason. Below the commercial is a picture of a Ford Expedition SUV, that drives 10 miles to a gallon, compared to the 12 miles a gallon usage of a Hummer. What do you think?

Ford Expedition SUV, 10 miles to a gallon.