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This little app, with the unfortunate name iAno, changes an iPhone into a little piano (hence the name) and that is incredibly useful of course. Created by the clever and charming Mister Aardvark. He’s also working on a digital drum!


How does one come up with this?

Stumbled upon this really good visualization of a possible MacBook Touch, at least the way I imagined it to be. A bit of the new iMac mixed with the iPhone and there you go. Would suit me just fine 😉


Some wise words from one of the Grand Masters of Cinema.

What a splendid idea! From Wir Gestalten

A new browser for Wondows, Mac and Linux has surfaced, and it’s really, really good! It’s a derivative of Firefox, so it feels very familiar, (if you’re using Firefox of course) but it is very different at the same time. If you’re into zé sociale webbe and like to keep track of a hundred thousand things on the web, then you will LOVE Flock very much because of its numerous tools to do just that. Most (so not all) Firefox extensions, plugins and add-ons will workin Flock, like Bookmarks. A very important reason for Mac users is the fact that Flock uses about 1/8 the amount of RAM compared to Firefox (!). Use your old browser to download Flock and give it a go. Please let me know what you think!

Are there no ends to Apple idolization?

Google, a company you might know, has just released Android, an open source mobile platform. Open Source? Yes, open source. Hackers and other scum can now hack their phones just to their own liking. The video below is a bit crap, but can you imagine the possibilities of an open source mobile platform? Why does Google do this for free? What will be Google’s catch? They’re going TO GIVE AWAY $10.000.000,- for creative applications? Is Google the new Santa Claus?

Away with Symbian and hello to the Open Handset Alliance! Be afraid, you glossy iPhone…

This should come in handy when travelling through the jungle!

Very, very funny stuff!

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