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It’s been a while (three months actually) but whatever, this is my blog – I do what I want!
I thought I’d revive my blog with a cheesy collection of Photoshopped animals; check it out!


A nice vintage animation about waking up to reality.

Well not exactly smarter, but they do (according to this short video) seem to have a better short term memory!

If this doesn’t make you happy, I just don’t know what will…

When a Monty makes a commercial for a computer…

Are you sitting there, comfortably, alone, behind your computer screen? Perhaps, no certainly, you are not as alone as you feel and think you are. In fact, if you prefer to stay in the illusion that you are by yourself at any point in time, do not, I repeat: DO NOT watch the video below…

This at first might seem like stand up comedy, someone playing the role of a crazy professor, complete with white coat, large glasses and fluffy hair. But then when you keep listening, you start to realize this guy (Marvin Minksy, a pioneer on Artificial Intelligence) is just being himself, talking about the things he uses his time on earth for.

This is just wonderful to look at. The order of the portraits has been chosen very carefully. This mix of art has become a piece of art itself!

Get a load of this. This is a video of Finnish rock and roll band the Leningrad Cowboys, singing “Sweet Home Alabama with … the Soviet Red Army Choir, the former Soviet Union’s former official army band. Does it get any crazier than this?

This must be one of God’s jokes. Or perhaps … it comes from outer space and it was created by a God from another planet. Or … could it be one of Satan’s creations? It sure looks evil.

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