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Are you sitting there, comfortably, alone, behind your computer screen? Perhaps, no certainly, you are not as alone as you feel and think you are. In fact, if you prefer to stay in the illusion that you are by yourself at any point in time, do not, I repeat: DO NOT watch the video below…

Not a wise old elephant, a turtle or another grayish and wrinkly animal is the oldest creature known to science. The utterly boring clam is the oldest at 405 years. Full article here. Does the way it is displayed on the photo below that it is dead now?

There are people saying that an asteroid called TU24, approximately the size of the Empire State Building, very nearly hitting our pale blue dot coming Monday, just might hurt us really bad even while certainly physically missing us. It’s all speculation and it’s off course sensational and exciting stuff for astronomy nerds to scare the masses with, but still, according to NASA it’s the biggest thing visiting our solar neighborhood untill 2027. Check out this spine chilling list of close calls between space floating stuff and our planet by NASA.

In 1908, in Tunguska, Russia, a piece of forest 2,150 square kilometers (830 square miles) large was totally destroyed, probably by a ‘passing meteor’ creating an explosion 1000 times stronger than Hiroshima, and supposedly, it was much smaller than TU24 … well at least, that’s what Wikipedia says about people theorizing about the cause of the giant destruction back then. What is hard with things like these is that a normal person (like you and me?) can really say or think nothing useful about any of it, because we have to base our fears on the specialist theories of highly specialized people in a particular area of science, passin’ us hypotheses on relatively pretty unpredictable natural phenomena, based on the little knowledge they have on the subject, while us ‘regular folks’ just have no way of verifying any of it, because we can’t at all see what they (believe to) see. Whenever the end of life as we know it enters the story, that’s mediagenic stuff! On the other hand, perhaps we just shouldn’t know at all

Bring it on! There’s absolutely nothing we can possibly do about stuff like this. Hope to still be blogging on Wednesday though, with at least ten fingers, one eye, a functional brain and a working internet conection 🙂

ps: what goes up must come down. Oh and these are other ways we could collectively go, just in case we’re still in one piece on Wednesday 😉

Check out this great little Kotex/Disney production from 1946, which explains the menstruation process, cleverly avoiding all hints to sexuality. Sounds like a possible cool new feature in Disneyland! Still relevant today, so if you’re a girl and +10 years, be sure to watch it 😉

There are millions of sweet love songs out there. Usually, these songs are about young love. The video below featuring Leonard Cohen is about love and romance to the death, in a non-religious manner. It’s about the kind of love that isn’t exciting or spectacular, but it’s the kind of love that is rock-solid and lasts a lifetime. It’s the kind of love that makes one see beyond the wrinkles and the slow decay. True love.

Nothing to add 😉

Thanx to Rocklishus!

Lookin’ so tasty, especially the sexy fishy legs … Much more here.

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Open your mind to open your mouth: why make a distinction between different parts of an animal?

What a beautiful looking horror. A photo of a French nuclear test, yes … on our earth. Did you know death can look so wonderful? What an insane people that ‘tested’ this. Full size pic here.

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