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Check out the trailer of the 8 bit documentary below. Looks promising for the ones that love the bricky, 16 coloured, midi sounding era of early gaming. Pure nostalgia.

Nokia doesn’t seem like the type of company to risk its reputation by attaching its name to projects and concept bound to fail. For the person that has no understanding of nanotechnology, the concept visualized below seems rather far-fetched. However, if it is theoretically possible, it would open the door to a lot of possibilities. Whatever they’re dreaming up, let’s just wait and see 😉

It’s frikkin’ useless, but frikkin’ fun! A glow in the dark multi-touch Rubik’s cube. Who has not only the knowledge, but also the money and the time to put a thing like this together?

Check out the video below. It is hosted by Vimeo. The video has a resolution of 1280 by 720 progressive if you click the Full-button, compared to the 720*576 (PAL) or 640*480 (NTSC) standard tv-resolutions we’ve had to look at since the 60’s. It’s by far the highest resolution streaming video service available today, and for free!

It’s quite obvious that television networks are going to have to move to the web pretty soon, because they’ll be able to ‘broadcast’ their stuff at a better quality, to a greater audience, for less money! Also, youtube should really watch out for sites like these, that could become pretty huge in a short amount of time, for good reasons!

Long live independents of the future!

A new browser for Wondows, Mac and Linux has surfaced, and it’s really, really good! It’s a derivative of Firefox, so it feels very familiar, (if you’re using Firefox of course) but it is very different at the same time. If you’re into zé sociale webbe and like to keep track of a hundred thousand things on the web, then you will LOVE Flock very much because of its numerous tools to do just that. Most (so not all) Firefox extensions, plugins and add-ons will workin Flock, like Bookmarks. A very important reason for Mac users is the fact that Flock uses about 1/8 the amount of RAM compared to Firefox (!). Use your old browser to download Flock and give it a go. Please let me know what you think!

Google, a company you might know, has just released Android, an open source mobile platform. Open Source? Yes, open source. Hackers and other scum can now hack their phones just to their own liking. The video below is a bit crap, but can you imagine the possibilities of an open source mobile platform? Why does Google do this for free? What will be Google’s catch? They’re going TO GIVE AWAY $10.000.000,- for creative applications? Is Google the new Santa Claus?

Away with Symbian and hello to the Open Handset Alliance! Be afraid, you glossy iPhone…

With light rays being projected through a superfast spinning mirror, a 360° x 360° 3D image is projected, kind of in the style of the communicators in Star Wars. We need this, hurry up the technology please!

It’s official: Sony Ericsson will release a PSPhone! A gaming phone, that is… Read the full interview with Sony Ericsson’s Peter Ahnegard here.

Songbird (for Mac, based on Firefox) hasn’t got a release candidate yet, but it’s looking pretty good!

Han Hoogerbrugge, who almost holds a patent on the vectorized man in the suit, has made a wonderfully weird ‘interactive tale’ called “Hotel”. There isn’t much more to say about than just: go see it now. Tip: give it some time, the interaction design of it is sort of … well, artsy.

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