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This is not sci-fi, this is sci-fact! What an incredible machinery!


If you liked LocoRoco for the PSP, this might be of interest to you. The makers of LocoRoco have made Patapon, a game that looks very promising to the ones that loved that awfully sweet world of the singing, splitting and joining LocoRoco’s. The signature of the makers is all over the game, but it looks quite different and is based on an entirely new concept: rhythm
based gameplay! Perhaps we can look at this as a mixture between … LocoRoco and Guitar Hero?

Check out this übercool scene from Ninja Strike Force from 1988. Don’t you want to be a white gay ninja now?

This seems to have nothing to with cosmetics, but should be viewed as a cool art project.

The video below is NOT a 3D rendering, but shows a project called Morpho Towers by Sachiko Kodama and is an amazing combination between art and technology. The towers are created with Ferrofluids. Makes you wonder how environmentally this kind of art is.

A great little film by Yamamura Animation. Kind of twisted, but certainly really good.

Check out this great and very large collection of photos, made at various abandoned places in Japan. There’s such beauty in the sadness of many of the pictures…

Thanks to Growabrain.

Haven’t got it in yet, but got a reservation on this creature made by Unkl at the Tokyo Cube Store. Feel like a kid all over again. Isn’t it beautiful?

Lookin’ so tasty, especially the sexy fishy legs … Much more here.

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