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A new browser for Wondows, Mac and Linux has surfaced, and it’s really, really good! It’s a derivative of Firefox, so it feels very familiar, (if you’re using Firefox of course) but it is very different at the same time. If you’re into zé sociale webbe and like to keep track of a hundred thousand things on the web, then you will LOVE Flock very much because of its numerous tools to do just that. Most (so not all) Firefox extensions, plugins and add-ons will workin Flock, like Bookmarks. A very important reason for Mac users is the fact that Flock uses about 1/8 the amount of RAM compared to Firefox (!). Use your old browser to download Flock and give it a go. Please let me know what you think!

This guy really believes in his product. It is off course an extremely useful apparatus. An absolute must-have. More USB craziness at Solid Alliance.

A well designed, interesting, perhaps utopian (or dystopian, depending on whom you ask) look into the future of the internet and the world.

Apple has recently hit the $ mark. So business is going well for Jobs. Not so long ago, Gates left his company to the care of Steve Ballmer. Recently at the All Things Digital conference Steve Jobs and Bil Gates had a very long public talk together. Actually they’re both very friendly guys, even though there’s still quite some tension to be felt. Steve comes out as the loud-mouth charmer and Gates as the quiet, thoughtfull one. A must see. These guys are responsible for taking our world into a new era.

Check out the complete video of the interview here.

If you think Google Earth is really cool, you’re right: it is!

But imagine in Google Earth to push the globe aside for a moment and within a few seconds travel a few thousand lightyears away to check out a nice star constellation or galaxy over there. This is not possible in Google Earth, but a really nice application exists that can serve as quite a good surrogate to that old boys/girls dream to one day travel the galaxy in a quest very deep into the Unknown.

(‘the Pale Blue Dot’ by Carl Sagan)

This application goes by the really awfull name of ‘Celestia’ and it’s highly recommended to all those that have even the slightest interest in science fiction, space travel and astronomy. You just ‘zap’ through the galaxy, with millions of planets, stars, asteroids, moons and even spacecrafts to discover and explore. It is so awesome to just literaly hop from galaxy to galaxy, a geek’s wet dream.

Oh what a joy … it’s free!
Here‘s a great review about the program.

You might or might not know about Ubuntu. Ubuntu is an African word meaning ‘Humanity to others’, or ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. Ubuntu is the user friendly version of Linux, and has recently gained a lot of popularity amongst nerds and novice users alike, for good reasons. On May 11th, the Ubuntu team released Ubuntu Studio to the public.

A problem Linux is facing is that it doesn’t really appeal to creative hobbyists/semi-professionals as a serious option, because of a seeming lack of reliable, user friendly programs, either open source or crackable. In the high-end VFX market, many, if not most programs run on Linux. Free programs like Gimp (an ‘alternative’ to Photoshop), Inkscape (an alternative to Illustrator) and Blender (3D-animation) still have a long way to go to compete against the established commercial packages. However, the fight against Adobe and Autodesk isn’t really fair. Adobe and Autodesk are commercially motivated organizations which have the ability to hire the best of the best and market what they make massively. The open source programs can only rely on voluntary collaboration and word-of mouth evangelism. When looking at it this way, these programs have come a very long way and this deserves a round of applause. The progress they’ve made is incredible and development is always continuing.

The Ubuntu team has now made a really smart move: they’ve put together Ubuntu Studio, which bundles and (more importantly) brands all creative tools the open source community has to offer in one installable OS. What is so smart about this? Well, when a person wants to ‘get creative’ and do this legally, there’s now a clear open source choice to make. “Have you heard about Ubuntu Studio?” is a really good mouth-to-mouth strategy to bring Linux creativity to the masses. It takes away some of the fear of the somewhat chaotic image Linux has amongst Windows users. Let’s hope this will become very, very big. It has every potential to. Give it a try!

Coca-Cola and Pepsi make unreasonable amounts of money on a product that they produce for almost no cost at all. About 40% of their revenues is spent on marketing.

However, there’s serious competition on the horizon. OpenCola, like Linux, is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Based on the recepies of OpenCola, you’re free to make, sell and distribute your own coke and you’re free to improve it also, as long as you keep the source ‘open’.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since 1984, it brings together thinkers in these fields. They’ve got a very nice video collection of speeches made by a wide variety of specialists in many different areas. It’s often very funny, it’s inspiring and above all: free.

Check it out now.

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