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This is just what we’ve all been waiting for: a musical composition completely made with Windows 98 and XP system sounds.

What a splendid idea! From Wir Gestalten

A new browser for Wondows, Mac and Linux has surfaced, and it’s really, really good! It’s a derivative of Firefox, so it feels very familiar, (if you’re using Firefox of course) but it is very different at the same time. If you’re into zĂŠ sociale webbe and like to keep track of a hundred thousand things on the web, then you will LOVE Flock very much because of its numerous tools to do just that. Most (so not all) Firefox extensions, plugins and add-ons will workin Flock, like Bookmarks. A very important reason for Mac users is the fact that Flock uses about 1/8 the amount of RAM compared to Firefox (!). Use your old browser to download Flock and give it a go. Please let me know what you think!

Steve Ballmer’s current CEO is selling Windows 1.0 in this video below. Funny stuff!

Apparently, someone at Microsoft got fired for making the fake ad below. Oh well, you know what the net is like. Sometimes like a pack of shouting monkies. When one blog starts to take out the word, all the other blog follow suit. You decide what to believe.

The fake ad was made with materials from the infamous Developers ‘speech’ by Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, of which many, many remixes and spinoffs have been made. Another rumor roaming the web: Steve Ballmer was on cocaine when he did the ‘speech’, or he tried his own interpretation of a powerfull keynote address. You decide…

Really: Fuck the iPhone! Apple is great. Got two of them myself. The iPhone is great too, I’m sure. I never held one, but I just assume it’s very nice. Whatever. I do not really get a chance to form an individual opinion on it, do I? The past half year, the internet seems to have become the place to massively worship this brick of chips, that in a few years will be old crap sold second hand for a few bucks, because there are devices far, far better. This by now extremely annoying brandname and the stupid pictures of the thing, seem to haunt the online world like a nagging, stinking, screaming demon that just cannot be smoked away. This is just completely out-of-control marketing evangelism by Apple. You will never again read anything on this blog about the thing ever again. Fuck the iPhone!

Here it comes: the picture below of an Apple display that ‘went bad’ is so cool! Take that, Apple! Makes me almost … almost feel nostalgic about that good old OS from Redmont. But not quite 😉

While Apple stocks are doubling, tripling, quadrupling and beyond, Microsoft is still the big bully on the block, and has already announced Windows 7 to be released within 3 years (really). Apple seems to be going really well, but we shouldn’t underestimate that old, fat, but strong bastard in Redmond. While there’s a lot of talk, argument en gossip about the moves and futures of the OS-makers, why not take a step back and reconsider why it emotes us in the first place? It’s just operating systems, machines, bits and bytes doing incomprehensible stuff under the hood. Who’s the best? Whatever. It makes a boring subject, with always the same arguments. Just check out the video below 😉 from the people @

This guy really believes in his product. It is off course an extremely useful apparatus. An absolute must-have. More USB craziness at Solid Alliance.

Microsoft has been really creative with throwing many millions into research on how to copy the Perceptive Pixel technology. A really great (as in: large) product has emerged from this noinnovative research: Microsoft Surface. Check out the ad below. Don’t you love stock people?

A well designed, interesting, perhaps utopian (or dystopian, depending on whom you ask) look into the future of the internet and the world.

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