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As you might or might not know, I am an incredible fan of the real-time visualization tools (especially Arc) of Digg, that really makes the web feel much more lively and current. Now there’s Flickrvision, a really nice visualization tool that shows current postings of photos on Flickr. It even has a 3D view. Personally, I prefer the ‘Classic View’ as they call it, because it serves its purpose: showing photos.

These are the images that people all over the world are currently investing some of their time in to share them with anyone who cares to look. I sometimes wonder what this tells about the world. How objective is the idea an alien gets about the earth, just by looking at many photos people voluntarily share with the world? First of all, I think we do not wish to share ugly things, or photos we consider to not be so aesthetically pleasing. We probably have the tendency to point our lenses at things of interest and or beauty and we will always try to find some sort of a composition, even if it is not more than aligning the object in the center of the image.

More than an honest look into the lives of people, through photography we are looking through their eyes. If the photography of lots and lots of different people are combined in a single place and you look at them flashing by, what are we really looking at?

Here is a very nice collection of digital art. I refrain from using the verb ‘Photoshopped’, because this implies that photo manipulation can only be done with that one program by Adobe. Let’s just call it ‘photo manipulation’…

What a fish! The photo below is really cool. It doesn’t look like it has teeth, but it does look it could do something to you if it wanted. How did the fat fish train all the little fish? How appropriate that this photo was taken with a fish eye lens.


Even though the picture below totally looks like an illustration, it is actually a photo! It is made with a technique called HDRI, or High Dynamic Range Image. The colours, the composition, the objects, it all just seems too perfect and orchestrated to be real. However, if you check the photo out on its highest resolution (which is very high!) you’ll see and believe it actually is a photo.

More here, of user Heiwa4126 at Flickr.

What could this be? A plow? A lawnmower? An anti-alien device? Look how tiny the people look on this photo… Where’s the wheel? Hand it over now and let me have a ride!

Kevin Connolly was born without legs. However, that hasn’t stopped him from doing anything. He has traveled the globe by himself, photographing thousands of people staring at him. Make sure to read his Artist Statement and watch this video about him. Also, he is a professional skier! And what is your excuse for not being what you’d like to be?

Here is an excellent collection of Super Mario Galaxy like photographs. Makes you wonder what was first: the game or the photographs.


Check out this great and very large collection of photos, made at various abandoned places in Japan. There’s such beauty in the sadness of many of the pictures…

Thanks to Growabrain.

Here you will find an amazing collection or really weird statues and sculptures. Well worth a look!


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