My love goes out to making moving graphics! Here are some examples…

Animation Liberation Day Samenwerkende Partners is a product made for the NGO partners Warchild, Amnesty, Cordaid and Vluchtelingenwerk to be used on the 5th of May, the Dutch Liberation Day, where the Dutch celebrate their liberation from the Germans in 1945, and also their freedom in general. I came up with the concept and directed the animation. The idea was to visually create the global village quite literally: our world is getting smaller and smaller and other’s peoples problem are harder to ignore than they used to be.

SPelen animation for the SP, a Dutch political party. The objective was to make the animation all about enjoying a good day in a theme parc. Sound design and music by Erik Griekspoor.

The leaders and bumpers for the Friends for Warchild concert 2007, in the Ahoy, Rotterdam was a non-profit project with a team of ten people, in the summer holidays. I came up with the concept, created the concept art and directed and produced it. The objective of this leader was to bring the people of the Warchild projects closer to the people in the Netherlands and vice versa. It had to audio visually express the urgency of the situation, in the here and now.

5th of May: Queen’s Day is a compilation of seven short bumpers I directed for large screens on the thirteen festivals for the celebration of Dutch Liberation Day on May the 5th, 2007. Our team got introduced to the queen for it! This is odd, because there has been quite a little uproar over the lady riding the machine gun. We were very happy that it passed anyways. A team of twelve people worked on it, four of them full-time, for two months.

Stateshift is a short animation made for the upcoming game ‘Stateshift’ for the PSP. I created this animation as an intern at Lemonade Animation in Amsterdam. Also, I made their website.

NOS This is a little piece of motion graphics / animation I made for the NOS. It was done in one day, with Illustrator, Cinema 4D and After Effects.

I have got a lot more video work, that I’ll be happy to show you in person 😉

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