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What an amazing accomplishment. Whatever way it’s technically put together, great result!

This robot was ‘animated’ with brainwaves! Full story at we-make-money-not-art.

This is just what we’ve all been waiting for: a musical composition completely made with Windows 98 and XP system sounds.

This little app, with the unfortunate name iAno, changes an iPhone into a little piano (hence the name) and that is incredibly useful of course. Created by the clever and charming Mister Aardvark. He’s also working on a digital drum!

Here is a very nice collection of digital art. I refrain from using the verb ‘Photoshopped’, because this implies that photo manipulation can only be done with that one program by Adobe. Let’s just call it ‘photo manipulation’…

Not a wise old elephant, a turtle or another grayish and wrinkly animal is the oldest creature known to science. The utterly boring clam is the oldest at 405 years. Full article here. Does the way it is displayed on the photo below that it is dead now?

A very nice story about … a Danish poet. It won an Oscar in 2006 for animated short film.

This is pretty weird. Supposedly, Steven Spielberg has come up with the concept of the game “Boom Blox” that will be released by EA somewhere in the near future. The strange thing is, that Spielberg’s signature is very hard to find in at least the trailer. Let’s see how Spielbergonesque the game will turn out.

Spielberg or not, looks like a fun game to play!

This song, by folk singer John McCutcheon is totally made up of Bushisms. When so many Bushisms are combined in a way like this, it’s almost hard to believe that it’s real. My personal alltime favorite is definitely “I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.” This sentence so weird, that it’s almost transcendental, like something a really old Zen monk would say, after having lived in a cave for twenty years, in solitary celibacy. Perhaps George Junior is so much more smart than all of us, that his words are simply not understood by us.

It’s recommended to either listen to the audio or watch the video, but not do it simultaneously, because audio and video do not directly relate

Thank to Jeff…

Check out photographer Chris Jordan’s website and photos. His work uses visual statistics to explore the cumulative complexity of mass consumption and American culture. Click here to go to his excellent site.

Post stolen from Rocklishus, The Tickle Machine: Thanks Jeff!

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