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This is pretty weird. Supposedly, Steven Spielberg has come up with the concept of the game “Boom Blox” that will be released by EA somewhere in the near future. The strange thing is, that Spielberg’s signature is very hard to find in at least the trailer. Let’s see how Spielbergonesque the game will turn out.

Spielberg or not, looks like a fun game to play!

Here is an excellent collection of Super Mario Galaxy like photographs. Makes you wonder what was first: the game or the photographs.


SterSterSterSterSterVerdict: übercool!

Hey there people,

I don’t like to advertise on my blog. That’s why this blog has no advertising on it whatsoever … ever. I’m proud of that. It means to you, the reader, that you know I write for my pleasure exclusively and have the intention to just share the joy, with no further strings attached. However, there are exceptions. Sometimes companies create products that are really cool. Super Mario Galaxy, by Nintendo, is one of these products. This game is extremely well made. I choose to voluntarily advertise it, because I think it will seriously improve the quality of your life 😉

If you ‘liked’ any of the Super Mario titles of the past, you will definitely like Super Mario Galaxy very, very much. The game has all the charm and magic of the now retro Mario’s, and more! The playability, although constantly changing, is extremely smooth with the wiimote and nunchuck at all times, making 3D absolutely not a complicating factor – on the contrary. Once again, you’re the plumber, saving the princess. Just forget about the storyline, you already know it. Super Mario is all about the journey.

The environments are created with gorgeous simplicity and have, especially in cooperation with the music, a very warm and friendly feel to them, even the evil parts of the galaxy. Through what really are hundreds of puzzles, you make your way though Mario’s Galaxy, a large collections of small to tiny planets. Many strange things are done with gravity, as you sometimes walk upside down, or use magnetic objects to move through space. The game is so crammed with inovative ideas, that while you’re making your way through this adventure, you’ll be amazed at each new piece of joy that is released to you, step by step.

The game is sort of multi-player for 1.5 people, in a cooperative mode. One player can walk Mario around, while the other collects the so-called ‘star-bits’, shiny, colourfull pieces that are everywhere you go. Also, (and this is a little secret untill you find it out) the other player can hold certain items, like giant rolling balls on some planets. Even though the game isn’t really multi-player, this way you can give your kid something to do while you get to be Mario anyways 😉

It is absolutely amazing how the makers of this game have once again succeeded in re-inventing themselves and gaming in general. I will stop evangelizing after the next sentence, because this is getting disgusting.

Quit your job, get a Wii, get Super Mario Galaxy.

Did this guy invent this all by himself? What a great idea!

This console is just amazing! What a cool and innovative design! They say it works completely with motion sensors! This really takes gaming to the next level! How much will it cost? What computational power will it have? Where can we get one?

An episode of Robot Chicken, featuring Mario and Luigi, Grand Theft Auto style…

These guys heve been really busy putting together this awesome Wii-spoof, well worth viewing untill the end! Some of the animal molesting games match a bit bad with my previous post, but oh well, it’s satire…

This is a really cool concept, especially usefull for creative people, that need heaps of weird, uncommon or totally logical associations to words that you couldn’t come up with yourself. It’s initiatives like these, that take us to a World 2.0 and the development of the Homo Digitalis.

Check it out!

When gaming becomes useful! Hate to advertise for free, but this could become a great way of gaming. Is Nintendo going to empty our wallets through more and more cool peripherals? Imagine having to run through a game like this. Imagine snowboarding or surfboarding with this thing. Seems as though Nintendo has found itself another hit. I’m in.

Within Nintendo’s new strategy, aiming at ‘everybody’ of all ages, I
believe it fits really well. In some odd way, this new peripheral seems
somewhat familiar. Many people would like to do some excercise, but
don’t want to go out and make fools out of themselves in the gym. Or
people find it hard to motivate themselves to do some sports.

This thing solves these problems: a personal training program where
progress can be monitored well, in the comfort of your own home, mixed
with a bit of gaming fun. I believe it is what I want for the Wii, and
gaming in general. There will of course also be a huge group of gamers
this thing isn’t made for. That the beauty of the Wii strategy I
believe: it has a little something for everybody 😉

This is só cool! Check it out at joytech.

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