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What was the first thing you thought when you saw the title of this post? Did a chill of agression go through your spine? Were you ready to get up and defend your operating system, that really is better than the other?

I’m at techno art school, so I’ve had to listen to this discussion over and over again. In the end, it’s really not very interesting since the’re both machines Created by large money-making corporations. To be really honest, I use both, and am happy with both. A lot can be said about both, and a lot has been said already, by others, extensively, with passion.

What really interests me, and to be honest I’ve done it myself, is the way people defend the Mac. No stop, I’m not lured into a Mac discussion, Mac’s great. What I find amazing is this. There are two companies. One company creates a system that works, the other one does too. One is more user-friendly than the other, but also a hell of a lot more expensive. In the end, it’s money-making companies doing their jobs … for money.

Mac has people on board called ‘evangalists’. They are hired to make people love Mac, and it works. It works so well, that in some rankings, Apple is the premier brand. Apple is so good at advertising, that its customers bug users of other systems to get an Apple too. Even worse, they often have a feeling of superiority over ‘the others’.

These people are in fact, after putting down huge sums of money for their systems making free advertising for a company! Somehow, Mac has succeeded in creating a brand feel that makes its clients feel like the’re the chosen ones to be part of the next best thing on earth. They are some of the chosen few, the ones that know better.

Get over it. Apple is just a company. A money making company. logo

Google’s great. Really it is. Whenever you’re looking for anything specific, your chances are very good with Google. If you’re wondering what that baker’s name is again, if you want to know what the park is called close to that church, if you want to know what your high schools’ website is, you’ll probably find it.

But what if you wouldn’t want to search specific but associative? Like … you want to see some nice art. Try Googlin’ that! It just doesn’t work. But if you type that in and click ‘popular’, you’ll be amazed about what you’ll find. What it basically is, is a really simple bookmark site. You can collect, maintain and share bookmarks. When you first open the site you might think: is this it?

Well, it’s a lot more than what your ever judging mind thinks it is. What really sets apart form Google, it’s driven by real people having real minds and tastes. That means the ‘system’ can’t be tricked, and popularity by amount of pointing on the web links don’t matter: it’s for the people by the people. No filtering required.

Then if you import your collected bookmarks from Firefox (you are using Firefox and not Microsoft Explorer, I couragiously presume?) you can from then on save new bookmarks from any computer to one place, which is great. Why is this great? Well, your computer might crash and die for good. Your bookmarks will be (like anything in life: relatively) safe.

Go get a account! It’s free, so I’m not trying to sell you anything!

If you install Delicious bookmark for Firefox, will be fully integrated with Firefox.

Check out my Delicious.

Delicious homepage.

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