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Oh my, what a time intensive project this must have been…


This is not sci-fi, this is sci-fact! What an incredible machinery!

Check out this video of Pamelia Kurstin at the TED conference. Who doesn’t love the Theremin in here? You be damned!

Check out the trailer of the 8 bit documentary below. Looks promising for the ones that love the bricky, 16 coloured, midi sounding era of early gaming. Pure nostalgia.

Nokia doesn’t seem like the type of company to risk its reputation by attaching its name to projects and concept bound to fail. For the person that has no understanding of nanotechnology, the concept visualized below seems rather far-fetched. However, if it is theoretically possible, it would open the door to a lot of possibilities. Whatever they’re dreaming up, let’s just wait and see 😉

There’s yet another claim to a Perpetual Motion Machine! Let’s hope it’s true, it sure would be great for our planet. Let’s hope that if it’s true, the inventor of it, Thane Heins, will live to tell it. More here.

Stumbled upon this really good visualization of a possible MacBook Touch, at least the way I imagined it to be. A bit of the new iMac mixed with the iPhone and there you go. Would suit me just fine 😉


Are there no ends to Apple idolization?

This should come in handy when travelling through the jungle!

This console is just amazing! What a cool and innovative design! They say it works completely with motion sensors! This really takes gaming to the next level! How much will it cost? What computational power will it have? Where can we get one?

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