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If you happen to be shoppin’ for a god and can’t make up your mind, here’s something you should really see. This man, Pat Robertson, makes a very convincing case on why all non-Christian gods, like Buddha and stuff, are just evil demons. It’s hard to make a case against such strong self-produced literalism, as it ends all possible reasoning immediately.

Please check out this wonderful animation by Leo de Wijs. It’s just heartbreaking, even though there are no actual characters in it. Enjoy! Also, check out this digital painting, also by Leo. Good stuff!

And another one by Marissa Delbressine, this one hand drawn, frame by frame, all by herself. I’m a fan (with goose bumps) 😉

Marissa Delbressine is a very talented animator. She made this wonderful sand animation in her spare time, which has a lot of depth and fluent motion. When using this technique of animation, all previous frames are destroyed forever, so there’s no fixin’ anything afterwards possible. Now that’s what we call a ‘destructive workflow’!

The people at Framebox in Germany made this really very weird alien from the movie Alien, out of … vegetables. Oh well, why not? Why not also make Herbie out of shoes, E.T. out of licorice and the Terminator out of teddybears?

Is he disgusted by the meat, or is he craving for it? What is this vegetable guy thinking? It’s really cool that the lighting reminds of Rembrandt or Vermeer, while the object is so beautifully weird.

A quite creepy giant marionette and elephant. Amazing stuff by Machines of the Island.

Hi-res video here. Photos here and here.

You might or might not believe this, but when you’re a high ranking Scientologist, only highly classified information appropriate for your level of undertanding is released to you, and nothing more. The info, that was (against the will of Scientology) released by Steven Fishman goes a little something like this, here illustrated South Park style:

Since youtube keeps taking any videos not authorized by Scientology off their site, you should watch the video at the official South Park Studios site. Enjoy!

Some people seem to have it all: a wild, lively imagination and lots and lots of patience to gain an incredibly high level of technical skills to put that wild imagination into practice. Steven Stahlberg is one of these people. He’s a painter as well as a 3D artist. Check out his work here.

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