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And here’s more retro car joy. Notice how happily the singer sing how SpeedRacer is demon that will be chasing someone. Fabulous!


Who has ever heard of Automan? If you haven’t (like me, and the rest of us), check this out!

What a talent if you can tell a story like this with such a monotonous voice, not even showing a hint of potential laughter. Good stuff.

Here are of large car manufacturers about the car of the year 2057!



Mazda (what the hell?):

Lookin’ so tasty, especially the sexy fishy legs … Much more here.

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Open your mind to open your mouth: why make a distinction between different parts of an animal?

What a beautiful looking horror. A photo of a French nuclear test, yes … on our earth. Did you know death can look so wonderful? What an insane people that ‘tested’ this. Full size pic here.

Meth, the new Heroine.
Watch it and be warned…

According to movie star Tom Cruise, aliens (to be specifically, the minions of intergallactic ruler Xenu) are soon going to invade our happy little planet and do some nasty stuff to us. Therefore, he has built himself an underground anti-alien bunker!

So funny, enjoy it! Just discovered Triumph the Insult Comic Dog myself, and am a fan already! Here’s the creature’s official site.

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